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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Quillette is awful again

In today's NYTimes: Canadian Inquiry Calls Killings of Indigenous Women Genocide

To nobody's surprise Quillette editor Jon Kay and grifter-for-hire Andy Ngo have horrible takes.

Good people on Twitter respond:

Meanwhile Claire Lehmann comes the closest I've seen to defending race science in public - besides of course publishing articles by people who support race science -  in an argument with Nassim Nicholas Taleb.  They are talking about Noah Carl.

I didn't find if Lehmann responded.

This must have been a shock for Lehmann to have Carl, defended by Quillette, attacked and called a charlatan by Taleb.

And then Taleb went after IQ which is the basis of most race science arguments.

I mean, Taleb was their guy. You can see how often Quillette has referred favorably to Taleb in this screen cap of search results

Taleb's resume, which includes making a bundle on the stock market and attacking Paul Krugman is Ayn Rand's wet dream.

What an unpleasant surprise for the gang at Quillette.

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