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The Brian Ferguson Interview

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Turkheimer debunking Charles Murray-approved race science claims at Unz

From the Genetics and Human Agency site:
As is often the case when people of a hereditarian persuasion write about the three laws, Jayman gets it almost entirely wrong, reacting only to the headline, “Everything is Heritable” and ignoring the great majority of the paper that completely undercuts his conclusions. The paper is actually titled, “Three Laws of Behavior Genetics And What They Mean”, and it is in fact much more about the what-they-mean part than about the laws themselves. And what they mean is: Behavioral differences are in a weak sense heritable, but that doesn’t mean that behavior in general has a genetic explanation. Quite the opposite.
Ugh, so much to do for Pinkerite on Steven Pinker and the IDW and Race Science - continue the review of The Bell Curve, post the interview with Brian Ferguson, discuss the recent reparations hearings (I agree with Ta-Nehisi Coates on reparations in spite of recently posting Thomas Chatterton Williams' critique of white essentialism and Coates) etc. etc. - it's hard to do it all when you have a day job and a side hustle. Sigh.

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