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Sunday, June 2, 2019

The misogynist Christina Hoff Sommers

I've pointed out before that IDW women don't just hate feminists - they are full-on misogynists.

Christina Hoff Sommers demonstrated that again recently with this tweet telling women to STFU about menstruation because men never talk about bodily secretions.

Then she promoted a tweet where someone compared menstruation - a healthy normal process - to jock itch, a fungal infection.

There is nothing especially feminist about wanting to talk about menstruation. And nobody is making Christina Hoff Sommers listen to people talking about it. I think she just doesn't like the idea of women talking about their lives and their icky gross bodies.

To a certain extent this is probably an example of rightwing empathy deficiency. Sommers, at age 68, has probably not had to deal with menstruation for well over a decade. And if it's of no interest to her, Christina Hoff Sommers, why should anybody else be talking about it?

The best part of the responses to her tweet was all the people asking her if she's ever known any men.

For example:

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