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Sunday, June 9, 2019

Stefan Molyneux is a member of the IDW, Eric Weinstein is an asshole

I disagree with this infographic in the NYTimes. It mentions Stefan Molyneux in the top caption and the next caption says "Mr. Cain also watched many videos by members of the so-called intellectual dark web."

It should be other members of the intellectual dark web since Molyneux is considered a member per the Bari Weiss article about the IDW.

The article in which this graphic can be found is The Making of a Youtube Radical and observers:
Mr. Molyneux, in particular, seemed to be veering further to the right. He fixated on “race realism,” a favored topic of white nationalists, and went on an Infowars show to discuss his opposition to multiculturalism with Mr. Jones. He hosted far-right figures on his channel, including Mr. Taylor of American Renaissance and Brittany Pettibone, a self-described “American nationalist” who pushed the Pizzagate conspiracy theory.
The article also mentions Rebecca Lewis who wrote a report on Youtube algorithms:

“YouTube has been able to fly under the radar because until recently, no one thought of it as a place where radicalization is happening,” said Becca Lewis, who studies online extremism for the nonprofit Data & Society. “But it’s where young people are getting their information and entertainment, and it’s a space where creators are broadcasting political content that, at times, is overtly white supremacist.

Predictably Eric Weinstein had a problem with article.

Weinstein was so agitated by the NYTimes article he was still ranting about the mainstream media a day later and blaming it - in the Steven Pinker tradition - for radicalizing people.

I'm not sure which high prestige and high paying cognitive activities he means in the tweet below, but if he wants to suggest "being a toady for Peter Thiel" I'm inclined to go along with him.

The belief in the inferiority of lady brains IS the radical position. So apparently the only way we can beat radicalization is to give into radicalization. Yep, sounds like IDW logic.

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