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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Quillette Poetry Qorner

Recently the Koch-funded Independent Women's Forum declared Quillette to be the hot conservative "High-Brow Publication for Academics" and it's clear that Quillette is taking this declaration seriously by publishing poetry.

It's odd that a Quillette bard would mention something coming from 1955 like it's a bad thing, since Quillette's platform is to push women and non-whites back to at least 1955.

Meanwhile I'm thinking of instituting a poetry competition for non-Quillette bards, with a cash prize, and with limericks greatly encouraged, inspired by this perfect panegyric to the literary excellence that is Claire Lehmann's brainchild.

If you are on Twitter you should follow Ted McCormick.

I proudly present his "There was an old man at Quillette" by permission.

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