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Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Giving racists the seal of mainstream approval: Steven Pinker and Matthew Yglesias

The latest Richard Hanania drama is a reminder that there are mainstream public intellectuals like Matthew Yglesias and Steven Pinker who are happy to promote racists. 

Clearly racism does not bother them.

Yglesias admits he's always known Hanania is racist. He promoted him anyway, because he is a "conservative" and I guess that's enough of an excuse - after all, if they can write "some good pieces," their racism doesn't matter.

And the Fuhrer could paint an entire apartment in one afternoon - two coats!

Apparently Pinker loves Hanania so much, that he only has one subscription on Twitter - and it's Richard Hanania.

So what is wrong with Matthew Yglesias and Steven Pinker? Why do they promote racists without a moment's bad conscience?

Is it:
  • They are getting and/or desire (more) racist plutocrat funding?
  • They agree with the racists but don't want to admit it directly?
  • They are feckless white male mediocrities who don't give a shit about making the world a better place?
  • All of the above?

UPDATE: Yglesias' pals are rallying 'round their loyal "centrist."

Apparently Hanania is too stupid to understand that of course he isn't going to be "cancelled" since his income depends on saying what racist plutocrats want him to say, while Yglesias supposedly is a mainstream centrist.

Non-racists have commentary.

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