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Saturday, August 5, 2023

Update on the Manhattan Institute travesty & Richard Hanania's neo-Nazi past

I reported some weeks ago on a strange situation in which the Koch-funded Manhattan Institute, through its media vehicle City Journal, ran an article smearing a former editor of Rational Wiki

After the person being smeared began legal actions, the article was removed from City Journal.

The person being smeared had been sued by racist weirdo Emil Kirkegaard - and Kirkegaard lost and then was ordered to pay the defendant - which Kirkegaard has refused to do.

The City Journal article appears to have been tied to a blackmail attempt by the individual who owns the Substack account Cancel Watch. 

The individual issued the blackmail threats via both a Twitter account (now removed) owned by Cancel Watch and via an email account hosted by Proton Mail.

Rational Wiki found evidence for a connection between Cancel Watch and Emil Kirkegaard:

The author of the Cancel Watch article may be associated with Emil Kirkegaard, as the article contains personal information about Kirkegaard such as claiming that customs authorities searched his laptop for child pornography when he travelled between Europe and the United States.[46]

Because of the Cancel Watch blackmail attempts  Proton has canceled Cancel Watch's email account. 

The exchange below posted by permission.

The next step is for Substack to remove Cancel Watch, which appears to exist exclusively to attack a few select individuals who have been critical of race pseudoscience - or even just reported on race pseudoscience, in the case of journalist Elizabeth Haigh.

But will Substack remove it, since the email address used to sign up for the Substack account has been cancelled due to illegal activities? I have my doubts.

Substack is a race pseudoscience-friendly organization, almost certainly funded by far-right racist plutocrats, which promotes far-right racists like Richard Hanania, and hosts many race pseudoscience promoters and racists: Emil Kirkegaard, Razib Khan, Bo Winegard, Colin Wright, Noah Carl, Diana Fleischman, Aporia Magazine, Indian Bronson, Edward Dutton, Andrew Sullivan, Jon Kay, Lee Jussim, Claire Lehmann, Iona Italia, and Jared Taylor of American Renaissance

With so many other repugnant accounts on Substack, why would Substack remove Cancel Watch?

UPDATE: Speaking of Richard Hanania, this just in from Huffington Post:

Richard Hanania, Rising Right-Wing Star, Wrote For White Supremacist Sites Under Pseudonym
Richard Hanania, a visiting scholar at the University of Texas, used the pen name “Richard Hoste” in the early 2010s to write articles where he identified himself as a “race realist.” He expressed support for eugenics and the forced sterilization of “low IQ” people, who he argued were most often Black. He opposed “miscegenation” and “race-mixing.” And once, while arguing that Black people cannot govern themselves, he cited the neo-Nazi author of “The Turner Diaries,” the infamous novel that celebrates a future race war.

A decade later, writing under his real name, Hanania has ensconced himself in the national mainstream media, writing op-eds in the country’s biggest papers, bending the ears of some of the world’s wealthiest men and lecturing at prestigious universities, all while keeping his past white supremacist writings under wraps.

Along with Steven Pinker and Charles Murray, Hanania promoted the Manhattan Institute travesty. The far-right race pseudoscience gang has no shame.

Of course Razib Khan and Steven Pinker have promoted Richard Hanania.

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