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Friday, November 17, 2023

Happy birthday 5 Pinkerite!

Five years. 

Hard to believe I've been writing about Steven Pinker, race pseudoscience and the Intellectual Dark Web for so long. 

Unfortunately Steven Pinker is still out there promoting race science and racists.

He's had a long career of promoting racist Steve Sailer, then racist Razib Khan, and now he's promoting infamous racist Richard Hanania.

Pinker only subscribes to one account on Twitter/X and that is Richard Hanania's account. This was big news, when it broke that Hanania had a career as a racist troll called Richard Hoste.

The revelation about Pinker's support for racist Hanania did not shame Pinker into removing his subscription to Hanania - and he subscribes to Hanania to this day.

But news of Hanania's extremist racist past wouldn't shame Pinker into ending his subscription because, I am convinced, Steven Pinker has absolutely no sense of shame.

Certainly not about supporting racists, since he's been doing it for at least twenty years.

Hanania himself is also utterly shameless. He and Pinker and other members of the hereditarian gang attacked a critic of race pseudoscience because get this, the critic aligned with right-wing ghouls in his youth.

Hanania naturally, like the shameless hypocrite he is, expected to be forgiven for his youthful racism. 

Except he's still a racist.

And Steven Pinker still supports that racist. Calling Steven Pinker "The World's Most Annoying Man" is really far too kind to a shameless weasel like Steven Pinker.

So what else have I talked about in the past year?

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