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Friday, April 5, 2019

Areo Magazine, Quillette's slightly more subtle twin sister

Areo Magazine is basically Quillette light. 

Its articles are not as relentlessly full of anti-21st century grievance as Quillette's but that's not a high bar.

Meanwhile it has much in common with Quillette.

1. Areo is a sausage party
At recent glance Quillette's front page bylines consisted of 24 men and six women. Looking at Areo Magazine this is the gender breakdown on the front page without clicking the "Load More" button at the bottom. The count is 26 men, three women, and of the three, two of them are Areo's editors.

  1. Gabriel Andrade
  2. Mitchell Blatt
  3. Kevin Butterhof
  4. Logan Chipkin
  5. Jonathan Church
  6. Martin Countach
  7. Allen Farrington
  8. Norbert Francis
  9. Shane Fraser
  10. William Garcia
  11. Megan Gafford
  12. Iona Italia
  13. Matt Johnson
  14. Ahnaf Kalam
  15. James Kierstead
  16. Cody Kommers
  17. James A. Lindsay
  18. Matthew McManus
  19. Helen Pluckrose
  20. C. K. Ryan
  21. Chris Sabaitis
  22. George Schifini
  23. Pavio Shopin
  24. Wael Taji
  25. Phillip Theofanos
  26. M. "Lorenzo" Warby
  27. Galen Watts
  28. Blake Winter
  29. John Wood, Jr.
2. Areo publishes many of the same authors as Quillette
Of those listed above, Jonathan Church, Allen Farrington, Matt Johnson, James Kierstead, Matthew McManus, Chris Sabaitis, George SchifiniWael TajiGalen Watts and John Wood, Jr. - that's ten, have bylines in Quillette. In his byline C. K. Ryan (a pseudonym) claims to be published in Quillette although I was unable to find it. And then there are the race science proponents published in both: Razib Khan, Bo Winegard, Ben Winegard. There are almost certainly others.

3. Helen Pluckrose is a long-time member of the Quillette crowd
4. Areo loves the "Intellectual Dark Web"
When Sam Harris and Ezra Klein debated, Areo took Harris's side - and in fact seems to have a real antagonism towards Klein. It often defends Charles Murray and even Milo Yiannopoulos. It adores Steven Pinker - although most of the media does, after all, as Pinker will be the first to tell you even though he blames the media in part for the radicalizing the alt-right. They admire Jordan Peterson, although not quite as much as Quillette. 

5. Areo supports Evolutionary Psychology 100%

6. Areo also attacks Green Energy & Promotes Nuclear Energy

Quillette and Areo have differences, but they are fundamentally more alike than different. And I would not be at all surprised to discover they have many of the same funders.

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