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Friday, April 26, 2019

The IDW's favorite off-off Broadway playwright

The piece that Libby Emmons wrote for the far-right Federalist is bouncing all over the IDW Twitter echo-chamber.

Here we see both Colin Wright, the graphophobic and Eric Weinstein, arguably the founder and leader of the IDW pushing it.

This truly is the quintessential IDW piece: written for a far-right web site, and written by someone whose credentials include having her own blog and being an off-off Broadway playwright (if you've ever written a play you qualify as an off-off Broadway playwright) whose main non-theater authorship credential is writing a transphobic piece for Quillette (as well as typical right-of-center Quillette grievance-whining.)

So why would The Federalist choose someone with no writing credentials except Quillette and no political expertise to write this piece?

Because they don't care about quality, they care about defending the IDW.

Because the IDW is a right-wing political movement.

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