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Thursday, April 11, 2019

More evidence of an IDW - Koch connection: meet Pamela Paresky

The hypocrisy of the IDW is an ever-reliable subject. Here we see Jesse Singal advocating arguing constructively in The Atlantic.

Jesse Singal refused to argue with me about his support of Steven Pinker, blocked me on Twitter, and then teamed up with Quillette author, Koch money recipient  and leading cheerleader of the misogynists targeting women in Gamergate, Cathy Young, like this.

Notice how he congratulates himself on "nonengagement" while simultaneously smearing me where I presumably can't see it and respond in my own defense.

The people associated with the IDW seem to never tire patting themselves on the back for standing up for one virtue or another while doing the exact opposite.

Jesse Singal has also written for AEI, supported by the Koch brothers.

Pamela Paresky, author at Quillette, has done even better than that. She is Chief Research Officer to the President and CEO of Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), a rightwing organization with ties to the Kochs according to SourceWatch:
Foundation for Individual Rights in Education has deep ties to the Koch brothers. The organization has received funding from the Charles G. Koch Foundation, the Claude R. Lambe Foundation, Donors Capital Fund and DonorsTrust.
FIRE has received money from other plutocrats, like the Bradley Foundation.

I don't think it can be underestimated how useful the free speech grifting of the IDW is to the Kochs. While FIRE and Quillette and Areo Magazine and Fox News focus the spotlight on random students acting stupid at various colleges, which they portray as "the left" meanwhile this is what the Kochs are getting up to in Academia:

What Charles Koch and Other Donors to George Mason University Got for Their Money

Yet there is evidence that donors, including the Koch Foundation, continue to exert extraordinary influence at universities, in many cases unwritten or even unstated. Daniel Kovenock, a professor of economics at Chapman University, which has received Koch funding, said he believed that the foundation had changed its methods. 
“Instead of explicit contractual provisions governing use of the funds, it’s now a wink and a handshake,” Professor Kovenock said. 
A former professor and administrator at Arizona State University described the “drama” involving an offer in 2014 by the Koch Foundation to donate money for a new professor dedicated to teaching the history of capitalism. 
The professor, Matthew J. Garcia, said that he had welcomed the foundation’s donation to his program — the school of historical, philosophical and religious studies — but that he had insisted normal hiring procedures be followed to fill the job. 
The hiring search was anything but normal, the professor said. As it progressed, a university dean told him, “A.S.U. will never hire anyone that Koch doesn’t approve,” according to Professor Garcia.
The IDW - useful and complicit idiots.

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