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Monday, April 29, 2019

The IDW fault-line - religion

The Washington Post review of Ben Shapiro's new book The Right Side of History says Shapiro of course goes after the Great Satan of the Intellectual Dark Web - unruly college students:
He credits certain thinkers who get the Athens-Jerusalem balance right and help further Western greatness, among them, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Edmund Burke and, implicitly, himself. And he indicts those who got it wrong for contributing to history’s failures, the French Revolution and Nazism — and to the campus left, whose opposition to Shapiro’s views has helped propel his fame.
Enlightenment revivalists such as Pinker and Harris, both of whom reject a religious moral framework in favor of a reasoned one, are wasting precious time they could be investing in the two-pillared program for a return to meaning, Shapiro contends.
As long as they focus on college students and Islam and race science they'll be fine but the atheist wing of the IDW is extremely devoted to their anti-religion positions.

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