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Thursday, April 4, 2019

More good work from PZ Myers

As Pinkerite has demonstrated there is a virtual industry associated with the Intellectual Dark Web devoted to injecting race science into the intellectual mainstream. College professors of psychology like Ben and Bo Winegard and "biosocial criminologists" like Brian Boutwell, Kevin Beaver and John Paul Wright as well as more prominent figures like Sam Harris and Steven Pinker and Charles Murray all have more or less supported race science or race science promoters.

Unfortunately the scientists who might best address some of the claims of the race science promoters are busy doing actual science, and haven't made common cause amongst themselves to oppose the IDW gang.

Tyson said that race is not a part of the point he is trying to make in his career or with his life. According to Tyson, "That then becomes the point of people’s understanding of me, rather than the astrophysics. So it’s a failed educational step for that to be the case. If you end up being distracted by that and not [getting] the message." He purposefully no longer speaks publicly about race. "I don't give talks on it. I don’t even give Black History Month talks. I decline every single one of them. In fact, since 1993, I've declined every interview that has my being black as a premise of the interview."
Fortunately there are scientists out there who do address IDW claims. The indispensible PZ Myers has at this point a series of videos explaining why Jordan Peterson's science-related claims are wrong. Or as Myers said in one of his video "Peterson's babbling bullshit about science."

The first is the one about lobsters.

Then the follow-up

Myers addresses Peterson's incoherent theories.

Myers responds to Peterson's babbling bullshit about science.

Short, sweet and to the point.

Most recently, just a few days ago, Myers addressed Peterson's claims about gender.

It's fun to binge-watch them.

Anti-Peterson pieces are actually a small portion of Myers' video output. He's also a big opponent of creationism and much of his Youtube content is pure science. Lately he's been on an arachnomaniacal tear. Myers clearly loves his scientific work and gives generously of his time to make these videos as well as running his popular blog Pharyngula where he can be seen today justly criticizing Quillette.

It's interesting to note that if you do a search of Pharyngula, it's apparent that Myers was once a fan of Steven Pinker but now is one of his harshest critics - and an inspiration for Pinkerite.

The critics of the IDW and race science are lucky to have someone like Myers bringing clarity - and honest-to-godless science - to the IDW controversies.  Thank you Dr. Myers.

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