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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

The many many many grievances of Bret Weinstein

When we last discussed Bret Weinstein it was to question whether there was more to the Evergreen story than the one Weinstein and Fox News told.

I happened to see a tweet by Bret Weinstein today, demanding that a woman on Twitter, who tweeted to her followers that she had received death threats on Twitter, show proof she had really received death threats.

Now I thought it was odd. I didn't have the highest opinion of Weinstein, but even I didn't think he went around Twitter trolling random women, implying they were lying when they said they had received death threats.

Then I realized why Weinstein was targeting this particular woman, which I will discuss in the next post.

For now though, let us gaze upon the stunted and aggrieved spectacle of Bret Weinstein's Twitter feed. Did Weinstein always have such a one-track mind? Or did his Evergreen experience make him this way? His entire Twitter feed is almost nothing but grievances. Even if the Evergreen experience went down exactly as Weinstein and Fox News said, he came away from the experience $500,000 richer. And yet two years later he's still nothing but a ball of grievances.

Unless maybe it isn't a reflection of Weinstein's personality, maybe instead it is a reflection of his career as a full-time victim of "the left" for the benefit of the Intellectual Dark Web.

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