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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Bret Weinstein targets Rebecca Lewis

I thought it was odd, the other day, that Bret Weinstein decided to harass a random woman over her claim that she was getting death threats on Twitter. The woman had complained to her followers that Twitter refused to consider the death threats a policy violation.

Weinstein asked why the woman, Becca Lewis would tweet this without submitting evidence to himself and "the rest of us" for evaluation.

Lewis' claim is extremely credible. It is not news that women are often threatened on social media. Amnesty International ran a report on the issue a year ago.

And there are certainly plenty of famous examples of men threatening women because, for example, they were the focus of criticism by Richard Dawkins in "Elevatorgate" or when Eron Gjoni and his mob were cheered on by prominent people on the right like Cathy Young in "Gamergate."

At least one of Weinstein's followers judged Lewis to be in pursuit of attention.

But Weinstein decided to psychoanalyze Lewis and you'll never guess what he determined: that her complaint about Twitter's insufficient response to her concerns was ABOUT POWER.

But it turns out there may be a reason for Weinstein to focus on Rebecca Lewis in particular.

Now I have experience with the IDW's phobia about presenting verifiable factual information in graphic format. Speaking of which, the third edition of Steven Pinker's rightwing, alt-right and hereditarian connections will soon be released -  with 100% more Koch.

So if Colin Wright and Lee Jussim screamed at me that I was crazy and nutso, you can imagine how ape-shit the IDW went due to Rebecca Lewis' publication Alternative Influence:
Broadcasting the Reactionary Right on YouTube which includes a diagram.

You can see the predictable response from IDW fan Nick Monroe.

I assume Weinstein was so sore at Lewis because several members of the Intellectual Dark Web show up in the diagram of Youtube influencers. I highlighted them in yellow this version of the diagram.

Weinstein must know that focusing on a woman and accusing her of wanting power is red meat to misogynist men, like the mobs who showed up for Elevatorgate and Gamergate. What exactly does he think he's doing by targeting Rebecca Lewis?

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