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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Steven Pinker promoting nuclear power

Steven Pinker promoting nuclear power in the NYTimes last weekend.

Because is there any editorial position held by Quillette that Pinker doesn't agree with? It doesn't seem like it.

And there is still the problem of nuclear waste which Pinker and his co-authors dismiss, of course:
Nuclear waste is compact — America’s total from 60 years would fit in a Walmart — and is safely stored in concrete casks and pools, becoming less radioactive over time. After we have solved the more pressing challenge of climate change, we can either burn the waste as fuel in new types of reactors or bury it deep underground. It’s a far easier environmental challenge than the world’s enormous coal waste, routinely dumped near poor communities and often laden with toxic arsenic, mercury and lead that can last forever.
John Oliver addressed the issue a year and a half ago. Apparently it's not as easy as Pinker & friends would have you believe.

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