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Friday, April 19, 2019

Polite Conversations' Eiynah and her revealing interview with Sam Harris

Polite Conversations is the podcast of Eiynah, who once considered herself part of the "New Atheist" movement.

After her interview with Sam Harris two years ago, she began to have second thoughts.

Eiynah recently posted about the interview on Twitter. Some of Sam Harris's anti-Muslim comments are appalling and have been getting a big negative response.

According to her Twitter profile Eiynah is Pak-Canadian, grew up in Saudi. Blogger/illustrator/Podcaster. Not a fan of conservatism, Islamic or Western. Loathes anti-muslim bigots

Proving, contra people like Jerry Coyne, that it is possible to be opposed to Islam on atheist principles without being an anti-muslim bigot.

At 2:21:00 in the Harris interview there is this exchange:

...(Anne Marie Waters) thinks if you're not anti-immigration as she's said to me and Mario Namazi then you're pro the rape of white women. And she heads this organization called Pegida with Tommy (Robinson) and with a white genocide guy called Paul Weston I believe. Paul Weston is a guy who thinks that no Muslims should ever be allowed to hold public office. Even Muslims like Maajid Nawaz and they're all heading this pro-freedom supposedly organization which is clearly contradictory,  because they're not pro-freedom,  Tommy talks about deporting Muslims, Paul Weston doesn't want them to be able to hold public office, Anne Marie think you're pro-rape of white women if you're not anti-immigration, or prepared to let rape happen... 

...she's right, when you look at what's happened in Europe in the last 12 months, you have a lot of people on the Left who are prepared to let white women get raped by Muslim immigrants. There are people who are prepared to be raped themselves -

- did you hear the story of the woman who got raped by three refugees by three non-German migrants and when she reported this rape she was so afraid to spark racial tension that she claimed she was raped by three German men? 
Oh dear.  
- Like 48 hours later she recanted it and she described them accurately - 
Then there's another story of a German girl who made up a story about being raped by Muslim immigrants but she wasn't - 
- What no-one can reasonably dispute now is that there is a wave of sexual assaults which the Left feels some obligation not to report... 
Harris goes on to discuss the "grooming" cases in England. Harris attempts to present a system of grooming and raping girls as a Muslim problem.

Men abusing girls and women is of course not a Muslim-only problem. And Harris must surely know this. The Jeffrey Epstein case demonstrates that it isn't just cops, like those in the grooming case who turn a blind eye to such systems of abuse, the US justice system was employed to help Epstein get off with a very light sentence.

If you believe the worst members of an ethnic or religious group are representative of an entire group,  that makes you a bigot. Sam Harris is an anti-Muslim bigot. But of course that's been obvious for years, since at least the "ground zero mosque" controversy of 2010.

The common denominator in men systemically abusing women and girls is not any single religion or ethnicity, the common denominator is men. But I'm not holding my breath waiting for the IDW to advocate anti-men measures any time soon.

Some reactions to the audio:

Yes the Klein-Harris conversation demonstrated not only that Harris is an anti-Muslim bigot but also a complete supporter of race science. Which makes him a natural for the IDW.

We should all join in with Ian Murphy at Salon in 2013 and ask: Why does anyone take Sam Harris seriously?

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