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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

The IDW hates the Southern Poverty Law Center, Part 2

As noted on this blog previously, the Intellectual Dark Web, from Steven Pinker (cited as one of the most respectable of the IDW by Bari Weiss) on down hate the Southern Poverty Law Center because some members of the IDW are mentioned in unflattering ways due to their various hate-group associations.

The latest instance is Sam Harris retweeting an article in the Wall Street Journal attacking the SPLC written by someone from the Alliance Defense Fund.

When enough people pointed out the extreme hatred the ADF has for gays, as when the filed an amicus brief in a case defending the criminalization of gay sex, he backed off and admitted he was wrong.

Although of course he can never leave it at that.

However, Mehdi Hasan has some questions for Harris.

What Harris means by the statement that the SPLC "smears anyone in sight" is that they truthfully reported what members of the alt-right told them about Harris's influence on their decision to become alt-right along with Gavin McInnes and Stefan Molyneux.

Not long ago Christina Hoff Sommers was found to have appeared on a white supremacist radio program Radio 3Fourteen. As the web site Angry White Men notes:

Radio 3Fourteen (a program that is part of the larger Red Ice Radio network) has hosted notorious Holocaust-deniers, Neo-Nazis, and other fringe figures in the past, and the show’s host is no stranger to making racist and homophobic remarks.

Yet Fiamengo isn’t the only men’s rights leader to appear on the program. In fact, between 2013 and the present, four prominent MRAs have been guests on Radio 3Fourteen: Paul Elam, Warren Farrell, Christina Hoff Sommers, and Suzanne Venker...

...On January 12, 2016, prominent anti-feminist Christina Hoff Sommers appeared on Radio 3Fourteen in an episode titled “Feminism & Its Impact on Society.” In some ways her appearance on the program isn’t surprising. She’s written books like 2000’s The War Against Boys and defended the anti-woman harassment campaign known as Gamergate. On the other hand, Sommers is Jewish and Radio 3Fourteen is often openly hostile to Jews.

Sommers was very displeased when SPLC mentioned her unflatteringly in passing. 

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